Foxtrotters For Sale








Gray Lady:


3 Year old 14.2h Mare. She has been professionally trained for the trail, and has had many miles of experience in the Mark Twain National Forest, as well as here on the ranch, down gravel and hard top roads. Her disposition is the very best (she thinks she is a 10 yr old),  has no fear, and is not the least bit spooky. I rate her as an 8 to 80 horse. An 80 year old rides her, and if I had my grand children here, I would put my 8 year old grandson on her without hesitation. She neck reins, backs, loads, crosses water, clips, and is  easy to catch (will come to you). I rate her up there with the best. She is also a 1 in disposition ( with 1 being the best) and is a very loving people horse.


Jamaican Me Crazy:



5 year old 15h Dark Chestnut Gelding. A horse that will make  everybody's wish list. Jamaican is a real jewel for anyone looking for a great all around horse. He has been professionally trained. He is  "set in his gaits" with an extremely smooth ride  and his disposition is the very best. He is a people loving guy that is very easy to catch in any size field, and is ready to get down to business when you throw the saddle on him. He is not at all spooky, very solid on the trail, and will give you his best in any situation, he loves to please. He has had many hours on trail ridding in the Mark Twain National Forest, down gravel roads and he is highway safe. He neck reins, backs, loads, clips, stands good to mount, parks out, side passes and most anything else you would expect out of a top trail horse. He will also poke along if you ask him too. I rate him for a novice rider all the way up to the most experienced. He is especially good for us older folks who still love a good smooth ride but need as much safety as a horse can give. Even though I prefer a flat walk for a ground covering smooth ride, his canter is a real pleasure when you ask him to show off. He has NO bad habits or Faults. I rate him up there with the best.







3 year old 15h Solid Sorrel Gelding. Do not be afraid of his age. He thinks he is a 10 year old. Very solid in all respects. Has been professionally trained for the trail and can do it all. He is traffic safe,  is not the least bit spooky, has been exposed to all sorts of wild life in the woods and has had many miles of trail experience in the Mark Twain National Forest. He stands good to mount, crosses water, down timber, and will go anywhere you point him. He has also moved cattle from pasture to pasture. He neck reins, backs, side passes, loads, clips and probably any thing else you can think of. He will work for a novice as well as the most experience. He will lay back or move out, and is very willing, but not at all up on the bit. Anyone looking for a top level horse with no issues will love him. He has no faults or bad habits and he is very loving and people friendly. He is also very easy to catch, (without grain). I would rate him up there in the top 5% of the breed.



Complicated Style:




Coming 4 year old 14.3h Gray Mare. Has been professionally trained  in both gait and trail and is ready to go. She is very people loving and easy to catch in the pasture. Can really move with a lot of speed is you ask her, but will also poke along with a group if you prefer. She has had many rides in the woods as well as worked cattle on the ranch. Stands well to mount, good neck rein and backs a little. "Set in her gait' and very "push button" for anyone, even those who are not familiar with a gaited horse.  Good for an experienced novice and up. Lots of style and class and as smooth as glass.










Please Make reference to which horse you are inquiring about when you E-mail. Not all of our horses are posted on the internet. Call for an updated listing. Also if you are looking for a particular kind of horse just let us know and we will do our best to find that perfect horse for you. Thank You.