11 year old 15h to 15.1h Dark Red Sorrel Gelding. One look will tell you just how good, as well as classy he is. I rate him in the top 2% of the Fox Trotting breed. He has been ridden by an 80 year old guy and any kid that can ride can also enjoy him. I rate him as an age 8 to 80 horse. He has been professionally trained and has been ridden hundreds of miles on trail in the hills of the Ozarks. He crosses water, down timber, wooden bridges, and anything else you put him in front of. He is traffic safe, dogs, 4 wheelers, etc. and is not spooky.  His neck reining and handling is the very best . He has no bad habits or faults and is perfect to clip, bathe, stands great to mount and will only move out when you ask him.  He is not the least bit "chargey" but will move out very willingly when asked. He has great speed and can really cover the ground, but will also poke along with the non gaited horses.He is as good as it gets and is my most expensive horse, needless to say.


Black Pearl:


 4 year old 15h Black Mare. Pearl is the "Jewel" that her name implies. She is the horse people describe when listing what they want in a horse. She is the calm, reliable, go any where, do any thing you ask of her, without giving you any issues. She is very people loving and will come to you in the pasture (without grain). She has had may miles of trail time in the National Forest's of Missouri and Illinois  as well as here on the ranch. She would be perfect for anyone looking for safety first, then a great ride, with out issues. She does all the things you would expect a top level horse to do...cross water, traffic safe, ok around dogs, 4-wheeler, clips, baths, loads, stands perfect to mount for us old folks and very easy to catch. Anyone of any age will love her.






 6 year old 15h Solid Sorrel Gelding. Charm is a delight to ride, and that is for anyone from 8 to 80. He is as sweet and gentle as he is smooth and well gaited. His tons of trail ridding and his top notch bloodlines puts him up with the very best. He has all the features you would look for in a top level trail horse. He loads, backs, neck reins, stands to mount and will actually come to you in the field (without grain). He, of course, is traffic safe, goes anywhere you ask him, can really move out or just poke along if you wish. He has no bad habits or issues. He would be perfect for anyone looking for a confidence builder or someone who is looking for a great ride with safety being equally as important. He is Gold Papered and has some of the best bloodlines in the Fox Trotting breed.


Hard Rock's Mo Dot:


 5 year old 15.1h Sorrel Mare with flaxen mane and tail. She is a very loveable lady and loves to be loved on.  She has been professionally trained and is push button in her gaits. She has many miles of trail experience and will cross water, down timber, traffic safe, and will go any where you point her. She is a 1(with 1 being the best), in temperament and anyone who can throw a leg over the saddle can ride her. She is extremely smooth and very willing but also very laid back. She stands to mount, neck reins, backs, loads and clips. No faults or bad habits. All this, and she is also drop dead gorgeous and built like a quarter horse.  She is also Gold papered. Anyone looking for the best will love her.


American Honey:




4 year old 14.3h Gray Mare. Honey is a real delight to ride. She is as solid on the trail as any 10 year old. No spooks and no issues. She is all business on the trail and her ride is the very best. She was ridden on trail all last year and this year and has tons of trail experience, probably more than most horses twice her age. She didn't neck rein or back when I got her but that has been taken care of. She does all the things you would expect of a top trail horse, neck reins, backs, stands to mount, goes anywhere without any issues She has been ridden by a 78 year old guy and he would tell you that she is as safe as any good 10 year old.  She is pure pleasure to ride and to be around on the ground. She is very very sweet and loving  and will come to you in the pasture. I rate her as a horse anyone from 8 to 80 can ride. I also rate her up in the top 2% of the Fox Trotting Breed. They don't get any better.

Sunrise's Golden Royal:




Coming 9 yr old 15.2h Dark Palomino Gelding. He is a tank, and is best described as put together like a stocky Quarter Horse. He is not only tall but also built to carry anyone of any size. He is very calm and lovable and rock solid on the trail. Not the least bit spooky and can deal with almost any situation. He is Mr. Cool. He neck reins, backs, loads, clips, etc. and is very calm about doing all of it. He is traffic safe and has dealt with 4 wheelers, dogs and every thing else you find on the highway and on the trail. He has had a ton of trail time in the woods as well as along the highway and gravel roads. If you like "big" horses, you will love this guy. I shot the video in order to e-mail it, and planed on waiting till he shed off to actually put a new one on my web site, but in the mean time, this is him in his winter coat. If I have him till he sheds off, I will shoot one of him showing just how beautiful he is in his new summer coat.



Please Make reference to which horse you are inquiring about when you E-mail. Not all of our horses are posted on the internet. Call for an updated listing. Also if you are looking for a particular kind of horse just let us know and we will do our best to find that perfect horse for you. Thank You.